About Ibby

We are architects and remodelers. Designers and project managers. Makers and artisans. Being one of us means being passionate about what you do, and the people who depend on you. It means ideating, innovating, and collaborating to make the inspiring happen every day.

Since beginning our journey in 1961, Case Design/Remodeling has focused on uniquely designed and built home renovations. Over the years, the community asked for our expert craftsmanship on smaller home improvements that didn’t require design. That led us in the early 1990s to create Fred – the first name in home improvement.

Recently we have been hearing loud and clear that homeowners want an easier yet elegant solution to remodeling your bathrooms. Bathroom remodeling can be complicated. There is a lot happening in a small space. Design. Materials. Colors. Plumbing. Electric. Drywall. Tile. Carpentry. All in intimate areas of your oasis – your home. And you don’t truly know if you’ve made the right decisions about the company you’ve hired or about the products you’ve picked until the work is complete.

We took our experience of almost 60 years remodeling homes and developed IBBY. If you are looking for a simple, stylish, and safe alternative to remodeling bathrooms in your home then IBBY is for you.

Bathroom Remodeling Should Be Simple

We’re making bath remodeling refreshingly painless. You can see expertly pre-curated designs, get real time pricing, and evaluate options all at your convenience on the IBBY website. Once you find what you like, let us know and we’ll review your selections, questions, and any other details. Only when you are comfortable will we move into the building phase which will be done by our own employees and backed by a 5 year transferable warranty. Simple.

Bathroom Remodeling Should Be Stylish

Our design team is one of the largest and most decorated in the entire remodeling industry. We tapped their experience and expertise to design the bathrooms of their dreams. Those are the pre-curated collections offered to you through IBBY. Evaluate the different looks, styles, and price points to find what works for you. And you don’t have to invest the time or the money for custom design solutions for you bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Should Be Safe

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and respectful experience. That includes a safe and healthy worksite, protection of your private information, ensuring we have the financial strength to follow through on our commitments and to offer healthy home products. That is the foundation of our “Safe Home” commitment.

Join us on this journey to bathroom transformation. Simple. Stylish. Safe.

Other questions? Call us at 301-229-4600 or send us an e-mail with your question(s) from our Contact page.