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Ready, Set…FLOR!

If you think about it, your floors are one of the most frequently used surfaces in your home. They’re the last thing you touch before getting into bed and the first thing you experience upon ... Continue

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Paint your vanity!! (seriously, right now)

When it comes to DIY I frankly don’t have too many skills aside from painting…. woodworking makes me nervous, tiling is a definite gray area, and the thought of upholstery makes me break out in a ... Continue

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My 90′s Dream Home

After writing about my dream 80’s TV home, I shared the article on my Facebook page saying “I had a little too much fun writing this one” and I wasn’t lying. In fact, I had so much fun that I’m ... Continue

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The anatomy of branding a stop motion video

Ok, so we’ve covered branding a pie and the front of your house (we’ve also branded a pumpkin, but don’t have a DIY for it)– but what about branding a video? What about those stop motion videos ... Continue

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A mother-nature-approved wall collage

Create a dramatic wall collage by making your own signature style frames with natural elements. While you are on your next nature walk, gather small tree branches that have fallen. There are so ... Continue